Q: What sort of vaccinations does my dog need to come, sit, and/or stay?
A: Your pet must be current on rabies, distemper, and bordetella.  Your vet can either fax a copy to 402-932-3609 or you can bring a copy in with you.

Q: What should I bring with my dog for an overnight stay?
A: We do not have any restrictions on what you bring from home.  Whatever you choose not to bring we will provide at no additional cost.  Examples:  bedding, toys, treats, food, etc...

Q: What if I'm not sure how my dog will do with the others?
A: We welcome you to bring your pet in for a visit or even a few days of daycare prior to their stay.  

Q: Do you have an overnight staff?
A: While we do not have a staff member that spends the entire night, we do have someone that comes up after 9:30pm to let everyone outside, one last time, before bed.  

Q: Is your building/premises secure?
A: YES!!  We have an alarm system, a secure 6 foot vinyl privacy fence, and the nearest staff member can get to ComeSitStay within 5 minutes if needed!  Safety is our number 1 concern!

Q: What if my dog gets injured or sick while he is in your care?
A: You will be notified right away, and depending on the situation, we will always try to take your dog to your veterinarian first.  We will take your pet to an emergency clinic if an after hour emergency arises.      

Q: Why should I trust ComeSitStay?
A: Experience is everything in the pet care business!  Owner, Renee Johnson, has 14 years experience workin in both animal behavior and medical related fields.  The staff is made up of dog trainers, humane society volunteers, veterinarian assistants, pre-vet students, etc.  Bottom line:  Your pet is in good hands!